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Friday, February 25, 2011

The News

And now for the news

People around the world have discovered if you protest load enough and long enough you can overthrow any dictator. This has or is happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin.

Boeing landed a contract to produce the US Air Forces Airial Tanker Fleet, wrestling the winning bid from a European competitor. Boeing workers applauded the US government for buying American. They then celebrated by getting in their Hondas, Toyotas and Hundais and driving to Walmart to buy a bunch of party supplies made in China. Correction: The management drove BMW's and went to Applebees.

Married New York Congressman Chris Lee had to step down in shame after soliciting a relationship with a woman he met on Craigs list. Apparently Chris forgot the things he was taught in Congressional Freshman orientation.
1) Never use your real name or congresional e-mail address when soliciting sex on public internet sites. "Hey its me Chris Lee my e-mail is wanna have sex wth me? Please dont tell anyone who I am.
2) Never make it look like your flexing by making a fist when taking a topless picture of yourself.
3) When soliciting sex try to use off the grid internet sites like HORNEYNYCONRGESSMEN.COM
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking it up the butt

 In a 48 hour period I...
1) Completed my taxes
2) Received my annual bonus. Which is shrinking at an incredible rate. While J&J profits soar.
3) Will have a colonoscopy.
I am not sure which of these is worse although they all reduce to the same thing...see title above.
Sorry there is no picture but even I think that would be inappropriate

And I add this , A blerb I did for a magazine article (I think its funny)
Gary Denton is a retired racecar engineer. He currently resides in Rochester, New York with his family. These days Gary spends his time cross country skiing, cycling and golfing. By race engineer work hour standards, he occasionally visits a place where he designs clinical diagnostic analyzers for a division of Johnson and Johnson health care companies. Gary holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute and 6 patents in the area of Vehicle controls. He has received numerous awards including developing a low tire pressure monitoring system which won the SAE Louis Schwitzer award for Engineering Innovation and Excellence in 1995.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

  • Jazz Music, Monk, Dianna Krall, Duke, Miles its all good.
  • Coffee Starbucks Dark roasts black, Espresso and Cappuccinos. I make the best ones. See A poor mans Cup post
  • Red Wine, deep dark dry reds.
  • Great Food, Italian (cooked by my wife, she has this thing with garlic and olive oil that's absolutely intoxicating. People still talk about dinners they came to at our house years later. Most often asked question "Gary how come you dont weigh 300 lbs. Sushi and Indian food is also good.
  • Red Wine with the above
  • Single Malt Scotch Whiskey after the above
  • Beer, Hoppy interesting beers not that crap they advertise on TV. Oh by the way if you see an ad on TV for something you dont want it. Think about it if something sells well on its own merits why do they need to cram it down your throat.
  • Merino Wool - Hats, Socks Sweaters, its so soft.
  • My Family, all are extremely talented and wonderful
  • Mountain Biking its like Zen Meditation just try to think about your troubles while careening down a steep drop
  • Road Biking, Carbon Frames are very cool
  • Roller Skiing on my pneumatic wheel custom wooden roller skis. Took me 4 years to perfect the design.
  • In the interest of keeping this PG I will call it Love, sorry kids and Steve.
  • Cross Country Skiing (Skate skiing is almost as good as the above, but not quite)
  • Working out. Full body and core workouts are the best. I realized lifting weights for bulk was rediculous 6 years ago.
  • Golf, very meditative, I enjoy hitting at the range as much as playing. After 12 years of concentrating to get good at this I think I have accomplished the goal.
  • Fixing stuff. I love restoring life to old things and making stuff work.
  • Hiking in the Adirondacks. Views are spectacular.
  • Cooking. Indian is my newest love, Making Sushi Rolls.
Now the hard part is doing all of these in one day. I have tried and I always run out of time.

These are a few of Things I hate
  • NFL and College football. See previous Blog posts
  • Budweiser, Miller lite etc
  • Large Corporations that are turning our environment into a sess pool
  • WalMart - See Above or under large Corporations selling our standard of living to China
  • TV commercials
  • TV shows. Most are Nonsense. The WWE has a huge following, "Its make believe folks" Its not real.
  • CNN, Fox news, the news in general, its never good
  • The two party system
  • Highly paid CEO's, making 300 or more times the average workers pay. 20 years ago it was 30 times
  • The unsustainable increase in college tuition and healthcare. Over 10% a year! Inflation is at 3%. The Cost of these things have doubled (adjusted for inflation) over the last 20 years thats
  • Smart Phones and those who are distracted by them
  • Face Book and those who are distracted by it.
Other than that I really don't have much of an opinion about anything!