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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiger Woods Fires Caddy

In case you have not heard Tiger Woods fired his caddy of 12 years Steve Williams. Tiger is currently injured and is not playing. Williams was on loan to another golfer Adam Scott for the US Open. After the Open Williams and Scott teamed up again for another tournament. Tiger said he did not approve Williams to caddy for Scott beyond the US Open and immediately fired Williams. This means Tiger ended his 12 year relationship with his friend for .. uh...cheating on him?

Monday, July 25, 2011

NFL lockout avoided and the Government will raise the debt ceiling

Mark my words the debt ceiling will be raised. Most likely in a last minute heroic deal. Whats going on is the parties are posturing and trying to get across to their constituents that they are really trying to do the job they promised and not raise taxes or not reduce benefits or allow machine gun ownership or whatever they promised. Hey its a golden opportunity to push your parties agenda. Why they tie it to such a no brainier decision I dont know other than they must think we have no brains to actually believe them. Just raise the damn debt ceiling and play politics on your own time boys and girls. Incidentally John Boehner did actually take his ball and go home during the game.

The NFL lockout ended when the owners and players realized they would be crazy not to take advantage of the huge windfall of cash they call the NFL. As fans we must be idiots to pay huge sums of money to watch these behemoths crash their heads into each other. Go watch some real football (English style) instead. Better yet watch a sport like track and field or cycling. Where athletes are meant to grimace as they suffer, not stand on the sideline half the time.