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Friday, June 27, 2014

Team BTG

Team "BTG" (Authors note: I wanted to call the team the cold showers, for reasons we wont get into here, but I was out voted) anyway we kicked everyone's butt in the Tour de OCD. Who would think 3 old guys would crush the youthful competition. But when you have Mr. ODR who hops into ultra trail marathons on a whim and B-Rad who bikes to work then bikes at work then bikes home...and the Manic Portless man who bikes 50 miles commuting to work (I am not exaggerating) on a single speed, its lights out for the competition!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Wie bit odd

I was tuned into the us women's open golf tourney and began to laugh hysterically. Seems Michelle Wie thinks shes playing the wrong sport.She is in the aero position during the putting stroke.

and needs Kinesiology tape to play golf. Does that stuff really do anything. Carrot Chopper told me it was all in the head then started using the stuff.

Friday, June 20, 2014

11 year old plays in US Womens Open Golf

This is great. A 5'1" 11 year old qualifies to play with the pros in the US Open. She shoots 78 in the opening round at the hardest golf course in the country. She can drive it 240 off the tee and out drives some pros. What a fantastic story except... PLEASE ....can we lose the exposed stomach.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Donald the Stupid

Your worth $1.9 billion dollars, you are 80 years old, judging from the prime physical condition this guy keeps himself in, he probable has 5-10 years left.

What do you spend your time and energy doing? Trying to dig up dirt on your enemies, that's what. You could do anything you want and not even put a dent in that fortune. Money CAN buy you love (especially in the big Dons case)
Don with two recent recipients of lip plumper implants
but it cant buy you time (just ask Steve Jobs .... oh but you cant). You can't take your wad of cash with ya, so why not spend what precious little time you have left in this world being vengeful, full of spite and regret and use your legal team to play silly catty games. Must be fun for the old fella. Hey, if this is how you enjoy spending your time, then have at it old wrinkled fella! But remember, the most valuable commodity in the world is "time".