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Friday, December 12, 2014

Are you Roasted?

Finished Product

I recently discovered that some religions don't allow their followers to drink coffee. In my world, coffee is the religion. In an attempt to make himself more hip Portman has taken to wearing skinny jeans, commuting on a single speed bike and roasting his own coffee as well as playing his Fender through a tube amp. However, a few developments have ensued. The RQ has since banned Portman from wearing the skinny jeans due to visible outlines of certain (and will be unmentioned ) appendages. The winter weather has curtailed the bicycle commuting and the Guitar is actually being played through a computer simulated tube amp. However, the coffee roasting is for real.

Most of my friends have greeted this announcement with the following sentiment "Are you crazy?" Although the answer is a definitive yes, roasting coffee is actually very easy. It takes about 10 minutes to roast a half pound, the finished coffee costs less than half of good pre-roasted beans and the flavor and freshness are unmatched. So what are you waiting for ..lets get roasting!

Roasting Chamber Repurposed Whirlypop popcorn popper

Only the finest single Origin will do