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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Nov 24th

I am going to try to use this blog to journal the interesting things that happen during my workouts.
On Thursday we went mountain biking. One of the riders ahead of me screamed I quickly saw why as and I came upon a thorn bush which had fallen over the trail. When I met back up with him at the top of the hill he turned to me and I screamed because he had blood running down his face. He looked like a vampire, he had thorns sticking out of his face.

Sunday I ran at Mendon Ponds. My daughters XC team was prepping for Nike XC nationals next weekend. They were doing hill repeats up the water tower trail. When I crested the back side of the trail I saw the coach there with a TV tray and cups of energy drink laid out for the kids. He offered me and energy drink and I galdly obliged (nice).