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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Wing

Listen to the above.
I find listening to this nothing short of a religious experience.

I would give my left arm to play guitar like that, although if I lost my left arm I wouldnt be able to play guitar. A conundrum at best. Speaking of losing your left arm I saw the move 127 hours last weekend. This movie makes me feel like any day that doesn't end in sawing your own arm off with a multitool is a good one! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ma Familia

I though I might take a minute and introduce my family

The Red Queen
Tim Burton didnt even get it close when he portrayed his wife in Alice in Wonderland. "Off with their heads", mild in comparison to what this queen will do to you if you cross her. A combination of Italian, Russian and Irish bloodlines topped with a red mane, yields an unwieldly mix of love, emotion and fire.

 Cream Puff
Most often seen driving a white Prius and hanging out with Pot Roast, Cream Puff boasts a stunning variety of culinary and design skills. 

Carrot Chopper
Carrot chopper can be found hanging out with Buttery Sticks and running her a** off. She is a known Vegan and foe to plants. She rips live carrots out of the ground, chops off their heads, skins them alive and eats them for breakfast (Gruesome). 

Little Brother
Little brother boasts a wide variety of ball juggeling skills and fancy dance moves. A known mohawk wearer, he is currently seeking a place of higher learning and a new love.

Port Man
Port man is a cancer survivior, father of three, three time half iron man finisher, all around great athlete and award winning Engineer. (Hey, If you want to boast about yourself get your own blog!).