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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sometimes, the smallest thing can take you down

Above is the item which caused my house to have no heat. The black thing on the left not the penny you fool. That small piece of rubber which cracked and caused the safety pressure switch to not see any exhaust pressure and shut off the furnace. Sometimes it worked but sometimes it did not. Mostly it did not. How did I figure this out? First I noticed that the house was cold and the thermostat was calling for heat but the furnace was off. Then I started trying to turn on the furnace by cranking up the thermostat. This furnace worked for the first 3 times I tried this on different occasions. On the fourth time the furnace flame failed to light and I happened to notice a little red light inside the furnace blinking 3 times, this must be telling me something. So off I went to consult the keeper of all knowledge, the passing fad known as the internet. I am getting pretty good with my google search terms and I get very disappointed if the answer is not in the first hit. And this time I did not disappoint myself and there it was a full explanation and 73 page service manual included with a reference to the problem and how to fix it, a clogged nipple (sounds painful but its a furnace not a human body part). Unfortunately, this do not fix my problem, for this I blame google. Although it did point me in the right direction. On my second attempt to check all parts of the system the little piece of hose above happened to fall off while I was disassembling the system. Voila, a cracked hose. I crown myself king of home repair and google search wizardry.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anti Monkey Butt

The only thing worse than a bad case of Swamp Ass is a bad case of Monkey Butt. However, my local pharmacy has the remedy. That is one happy Monkey!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crock O' Crap

Sometimes you see something just too crazy to be true. If its in an advertisement, you can rest assured, it certainly is not. Recently, in a national publication, I saw and ad containing the senseless dribble normally reserved for corporate press releases.

The Amish are not, I repeat are not, a preferred supplier to Sears. They do not manufacturer and deliver electric appliances in their horse and buggies to Sears stores as throngs of giddy shoppers wait in line to buy an appliance which can heat their house while using the energy of a coffee maker. This is not true. Yet it is allowed to be printed in millions of newspaper nationwide.

When we see crap like this, we as citizens need to yell, "Crock of Crap" or "Crock of Sh**" if you like. But we don't swear here at maketheface (especially at the Amish) we only point out social irresponsibility.