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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The ma and paparazzi

 Just when you think its safe to exit the port-o-let, you hear the sickening clicking of the camera shutter, once again the paparazzi has caught your exit from your post race dump.

When you have not seen your girlfriend in months and all you want to do is a little canoodling, you hear the whir of the auto focus and the click click click of the fast action shutter capturing your kisses forever.

And then you know your moments will be uploaded to Google and youtube and soon your affections will be all across the internet being liked on Facebook and Twitter (wait thats only 140 characters not pictures, see next blog post).

But you can rest assured that when your old and grey you can go back and cherish those moments and say "look how much hair I had when I was young"

A MaPaparazzi caught in action off the coast of Lehigh