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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finishing a really grueling race

Here I am in 2008 finishing my third half ironman triathlon. This one was nasty. It started with 3 foot waves and me puking during the swim. Then the bike ride started up hill into 20 mph winds. Then the last part of the bike leg was over bumpy gravel, I stopped to help someone who had a flat and didn't have the stuff to fix it soI fixed it for them and half way through changing the tire it started to rain. I mean a monsoon rain. As I left the transition area to start the half marathon the lightning was incredible. The rain kept up for all of the 13 mile run. About 7 miles into the run I started to bonk and get light headed and I almost passed out. But I manged to get some cliff blocks into me and I perked back up and make it to the finish line you see at the left. Yes thats 6 hours of swimming biking and running. This race is not unlike the battle I have been waging since the first of the year. Although this time its against cancer. My family and friends are cheering me on and supporting me as they did during the half iron man. I will not let them down and I will cross the finish line.