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Friday, November 25, 2011

Honey Spectator

This is not the B sample from my latest Cyclocross Union drug test. No its the pure nectar of the gods, honey, produced by bees enslaved by Mr. Odr.

Lets see what Honey Spectator had to say about it

....Mr Odrs honey is partially digested then regurgitated insect food which was supposed to be the winter food stores for an entire community when it was stolen by Mr. Odor after 50,000 hard working bees spent the entire summer producing it (Yes carrot chopper is pissed). It contains the overtones of the Mangan back yard including Sunflowers planted by Mrs Prozac. It has the smokey notes of mower exhaust and Mr Odrs arm pits due to him mowing the lawn shirtless. Honey Spectator gave it a 4 stinger rating out of 5 stingers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am Marwe

On the left we have the excellent best in class Marwe roller ski as rocked by the lil B of Clarkson University Golden Knights Nordic Ski team fame and Buttery Sticks of the Dartmouth Nordic ski team.
On the right we have the incredible successor to the beast, a roller ski designed and built by former Indy Car engineer Portless man. He used carbon fiber in the design,  the same stuff used to make Indy Cars (oooo!). Hint: if you click the picture it enlarges and you can see it more clearly. (kind of like Viagra). Speaking of which you can go back to the Portman Naked room post and see his match stick more clearly.
Portmans Naked Room

Remember its a cloths pin and a match stick OK! Match stick length does not equate to actual size.

The all black composite ski was arrived at, after building four prototypes over 3 years trying 3 different wheel types 3 shaft designs and 4 strut types.

Testing involved feedback from buttery sticks, and the injuring of little B when a prototype broke as he was descending a hill.  Fortunately the Red Queen did not chop off my head and let me continue to design and build skis. Although lil B now refuses to test any of my skis. I am now my own test pilot.

I have rocked these babies and they are awesome. I have tried over 6 different types of roller skis now and I can say these black beauties are the best. Given that this whole endeavor started when I kept twisting my ankle and hitting the pavement using lil B's old set. My unbalanced self being able to confidently ski these is reassuring that the design is solid stable and forgiving. Not to mention comfortable.  At this time I have no plans to go into production. This set took about 50 laborious hours to build and I cant be doing that every week. I do have a more mass producible design in mind so stay tuned. I may be the next Marwe or maybe.................... I am Marwe!