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Friday, February 22, 2013


I hate technology. The Red Queen and Cream Puff were treated to a laugh festival as Portman worked from home yesterday. He started on a video conference call yelling into the computer "Hey can anyone hear me. This is Gary in Rochester. Anyone at all. HELLO...." No one could hear me because my computer microphone was not set up correctly.

My work did not go well either, with my programs plagued by bugs, which gets Portman very frustrated. Time to take a break and hook up that new flat screen and audio system. Well I could not get the sound to work so after 3 failed attempts to get the company Tech support on the phone (I used my cell phone for that call) I finally reached someone in India who spoke with such a thick accent I could not understand them. I managed to understand enough words to get the sound working, but I put the cell phone back in my pocket without hanging up, because about an hour later I hear this noise from my pocket.  I take out the phone and say hello and he says "Sir.. did you get it working yet?". Well there goes 80 prime cell phone minutes down the drain... and people are still calling me sir!

So I go to fix my computer microphone and the setup tells you to speak a specific phrase into the computer, "Peter piper picked a pepper ..." So the RQ and CP are laughing hysterically at me as I shout this into my computer.

I think tomorrow I will chop some wood or dig a ditch, anything that does not require a computer a cell phone or talking to someone in India.

Ski Terre Haute

A thrilling 700 ft vertical drop over a 2 mile run!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boom Boom ...

The following message showed up in my gmail! No I don't want to chat! Although I am intrigued!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Te'o Explained

1) A dude pretending to be a chick starts an online affair with another dude.

2) Despite never having met this chick (I mean dude) in person, the second dude falls in love with her (I mean him).

3) Realizing he has gone too far, the first dude ends the relationship by faking the fake chics death

4) Even when the second dude finds out he has been dupped, he continues to pretend that the whole fake affair was real.

So what we have here is one dude faking a fake relationship with another dude who ends up faking he was never faked in the first place, get it!

As you would expect the whole affair garners a huge amount of national media attention due to the importance of this matter.