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Saturday, March 30, 2013

It was getting pretty thin...

This is the old brake pad from my Saab. I only had about 1mm of wear surface left. Good thing the guy at AutoZone sold me those new pads! In an update to my previous post the two of us have become friends on facebook.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to AutoZone...would you like fries with that?

Yesterday  I stopped by my local auto parts dealer for a set of brake pads. Should be pretty simple right. Whats the year make and model of your car here are your parts that will be XX$ please Done right. WRONG!

First the sales guy asks me if I have aluminum wheels, then he asks if I get brake dust build up. Turns out there are 3 levels of brake pad for my car, first the cheapos (called so because they discourage you from buying them, then the upgraded then the gold ones. Apparently I needed the gold ones because he sounded real convincing.  Job done, you talked me up to the best model. Not enough for the sales guy, "Hey when was the last time you changed your rotors, "They are fine I assure him". He looks skeptical. Then he starts in on the front brakes, "You change those lately?" Then he tells me they have a special on oil and I better get it now or its going to be off sale soon and he does not want me to miss out on the sale. Hey dude your not working on commission are you? Or did you just feel like a chat? Then he tells me I better get some extra brake lube, "You don't want to run out in the middle of the job now?" When paying for the brakes I take out my wallet and he asks me "Where do you get a wallet like that and how much do they cost", It was a gift I tell him. I am sure you can find one on the internet where you may also be able to find some friends to talk to.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Portman vs Portman

Reverses stance on gay marriage          Reverses stance on Wegmans
Son wears earrings                              Son wears earrings
Senator from Ohio                               Born in Ohio
Son has crush on David Beckham      Son has crush on Alex Morgan
Son is Gay                             Portman has been accused of being Metro Sexual

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where do you keep your pepperoni?

When the Red Queen wants a pepperoni pizza she better get one or its off with Portmans you know what..(not that silly..his head) Last Sunday Portman offered to make the RQ a pizza with pepperoni we have had in our fridge. The RQ scoffed and said our pepperoni was 6 months old and cant be any good by now. But the ever frugal Portman rebuffed that pepperoni must last forever because they keep it at room temperature at the grocery store. No way yelled the RQ and it was off the the local market for Portless. The above picture message back the the Red Queen led to nothing but trouble for Portman and he headed over to local pizza shop.

The managers at the our local grocery store were not very happy about Portman dragging the pepperoni display over to the toilet paper isle. Portman is now banned from shopping at his local grocery. Portman is running out of places to shop.