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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A blond a brunette and a redhead in a 59' Cadillac..The rarest of achievements

I am not sure which part of this picture I cant believe. The perfectly restored '59 Cadillac or the fact that there are three beautiful women in the front seat. Each with a different hair color. How does this happen? 

Notice the Red Queen holding her own with women 15 years younger. Portman is a very lucky man indeed..very lucky. 

The guy in the driver seat is Reggie Bell, one of my college professors. To commemorate his 50 consecutive years of teaching at GMI they gave him the same model car he drove onto campus 50 years ago. Estimated cost of this restored beauty is $120,000. All I know is 25 years from now if GMI wants to honor me and give me the same car I drove onto campus when I started there, that would be a 1980 Honda Civic. I don't think three beautiful women would be throwing themselves into the front seat of that thing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am the real deal...

I dont just play air guittar..I play real guitar (although not very well..but I can play along with DMB on the into to Two Step).

I dont just wear an Iron Man watch..I actually do Iron Mans (Well half Irons Mans.. but I have done 3 so that counts as 1 1/2 Iron Mans! + 1 Iron Mangan which is harder)

I dont watch ESPN... I have been on ESPN. (It was my 5 minutes OK)

I dont brag about hitting 300 yard drives I actually hit them. (I suppose this is bragging however.)

I dont just watch MMA fighting...What  do you think I am crazy..Thats how bones get broken.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

You are exquisite..if I may say so

I was at the Mazda/Porsche dealer looking at Mazdas with my daughter and I wandered over on the Porsche side of the showroom and stuck my head into the above vehicle. A salesman quickly snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear "You have exquisite taste".

My immediate internal response was "Yuck".  I don't have an exquisite bank account, so buying the above method of transportation is completely out of the question for me forever. However, it got me thinking. Are people who can afford these cars so insecure they need to be constantly reminded of their status...and for the issue of exquisite taste, I guess anyone with enough cash in their wallet can have exquisite taste.. it only requires the ability to write a check.

But...I couldn't be stuck there mumbling I started quizzing him about the paddle shifters and the gearbox, "Does it have a double about a torque do the paddle shifters work. This stumped him, but he said he could look it up. I must have scared him, because he rushed off. People interested in the technical aspects of these cars must not actually buy them.