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Monday, July 15, 2013

Thats some expensive real estate..location..location..location

I got Lil Bs tuition Bill and felt the need to ship my pants. His rent is $1000 a month. He shares an apartment with 5 other guys. That's $6000 a month. What will $6000 a month get you in San Antonio?

Have I got a house for you. (Especially if you are a corporate executive relocating to San Antonio, or 6 college student overpaying for tuition and housing). This rental costs $6,000 a month and is in the Elm Creek subdivision.

It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, three half-bathrooms, game room with wet bar, a study, a pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen and a chef’s kitchen. The master suite has a fireplace, sitting area, exercise area and a spa bath.

The decorating is a bit Gaudy. Enjoy the pool boys..oh by the way it only has 5 bedrooms so two of you have to share..The sacrifices we make for education.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Biceps Impossible

That's me with Chef Robert Irvine (actually its a cardboard cutout). Robert has a show on the Food network named Restaurant Impossible. He is also the celebrity spokesperson for Cream Puffs employer. Here we are trying to decide who has the bigger biceps, me or Robert..I think he been juicing..and I have been spending a lot of time on the bike lately so give me a break.

My new favortite athlete

That's Blanka Vlasic Croatian high jumper. Blanka is 6'4" tall! She only gives up 4 inches on Lebron James..and she can jump over him.. This tall drink of water with the name like a pickle has an Olympic silver medal and has won gold three times at the World Championships.

I knew Gary Player was short but this is ridiculous.