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Friday, September 26, 2014

Seven Turns

A friend had told me about a mountain biking trail at the base of one of the finger lakes. I had recollections of him calling it Seven Sisters ( I pity the parents)...but I wasn't quite sure the conversation even took place.

Scouring the Strava and Garmin web sites for MTB trails at the base of any finger lake was fruitless. An email to the owner of a local bike shop (who I had recollected organized this mythical ride) resulted in no reply. An initial email to the guy who I thought I remembered talking to yielded a kickback email saying the recipient no longer exists. One more try to another email I found for the guy and Voila. He said, "Yes its called the Seven Turns and its a slice of heaven and it at the base of Honeoye Lake". I was jubilant in realizing I was not crazy (If you know me you realize, This is often debatable).

I had the occasion to try the trail. Its nuts. It features 1.3 miles of climbing at an average grade of 14%. To put that in perspective, tour deFrance riders consider 6-8% hard. This is off road which makes it even harder. Well I made it to the top and you get rewarded with a nice view. The decent is nothing short of harrowing. 25 mph off road feels like 45 mph on a road bike. Squeezing the hydraulic disc brakes as hard as I can with one finger. Fortunately I survived the decent. Next adventure...hang gliding .

14% for 1.3 miles.uugh

The Payoff

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Buttery Sticks Makes Pro Debut...Gets Chicked

Buttery Sticks made his much anticipated pro debut Sunday and prominently got chicked by his teammate. He knew the competition would be tough at the pro ranks..he just didn't know it would come from the womens field. Well buttery sticks .. in the words of Dr. Renee Richards..If you cant beat em join em.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make the Face releases killer phone App

The hype is true. This is being hailed as the biggest thing since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. We here at Make the Face have created a new phone application available immediately for all phone platforms, it even works on old dumb phones. The cost of the app is free and its benefits are priceless.

The app prevents all texts and phone calls from reaching you while you are driving a vehicle. Only the drivers phone will be disabled and it is 100% reliable. You can even still text and make facebook updates while you are riding your mountain bike or skydiving. As a side benefit the app also increases your battery life. The app is compatible with all cell phones and all vehicles manufactured since 1900.

The app can be found at the following sites
Android: Android Text Block App
Dumb Phones: Dumb Phone App