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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lifes goals updated

Martial Arts: I have been training with a boxing coach, among other things I learned how to bob and weave. Bobbing and weaving are techniques to avoid punches, not just a bunch of dancing around like Muhammad Ali would have you think, who knew? Portman decided to show his bobbing and weaving to the Red Queen. She tried to kick him in the groin but ended up hitting him in the eye socket instead. Portman was stunned for a moment. That ended the bobbing and weaving in the kitchen. My shadow boxing is excellent. My coach says I am ready to spar at any gym as long as they pair me with a beginner.

Languages: Uh.... this one is not going so well. I impressed Little B when I quoted the French phrase for never open when hot, Until I told him its printed on every radiator cap. I am still hopeful I will get around to those learn Italian cassette tapes we bought years ago. I am saving an old tape deck for the occasion. You have to shake your head when your procrastination is so bad that technology outgrows the ability perform the original the task. RQ bought some Italian lessons on CD, Those are gathering dust as well. Maybe CD players will become obsolete before we get around to listening to those.

Guitar: I learned Purple Haze today, a lifelong dream. I still really stink at Guitar. I dressed up as The Edge for Halloween at work, only to find out 9 out of 10 people don't know who the Edge is (Guitarist for U2). Where have people been? Under a rock. Oh, I know, they have been staring at their Smart Phones.

Golf: I had my second hole in one this year, This time it was light out and 5 people witnessed it. I also shot under par for 9 holes, no witnesses for this one either. I am still only one proper swing thought away from the Senior tour.

Fitness: Cyclocross season is going well. I am pretty much over the fear that I am going to crash on every tricky turn.. and no one is scared I am going to end up on the podium.