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Monday, June 1, 2015

Pleasantville (revisted)

The RQ and I recently spent some time visiting a bedroom community south of Salt Lake City. The surrounding were idyllic, beautiful and pristine. Although walking around you get the feeling this is like Disney World with all the fun sucked out of it. This would be a great place to live until some guys wearing full face helmets in a little smart car pulled up next to you and gave you a quick injection to make you comply. We walked for 5 miles around the development and could not find a weed in a garden, a personal belonging on a porch or a nome in a yard. You get the feeling there is an even longer list of rules about your yard, what little there is of it. This is the polar opposite to some of the neighbor hoods in the finger lake region, who's properties seem to be in a perennial state of yard sale.

Long list of rules above. Who's making up these rules?

Man made river is 2 feet deep but its the looks that count.

 Not sure what these docks are for if no boats are allowed.
 Restrooms require a code for entry. If your from off the reservation I guess you just piss on the roses below. I read no rule about pissing on the roses.

Its all man made and the water is pumped and the the lawns are watered for your enjoyment.