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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make the Faces Manhood Quiz

Take the following quiz and see how you measure up, so to speak (no, its not what you’re thinking)

Question 1: Sit in a chair, look down at your midsection, what do you see?
a)      Your belt buckle. +100 points
b)      Your lap and no belt buckle. 0 points
c)      Your Stomach and no lap – 100 points
d)      A hand stuffed into a pair of elastic waistband slacks.- 1000 points

Question 2:  What did you do last Sunday?
a)      Cooked your wife/girlfriend/significant other dinner. + 100 points
b)      Let your spouse have a slice of the pizza you ordered yourself.  0 points
c)      Watched Football at home and told your spouse to order you a pizza. -100 points
d)      Watched football at a sports bar with your mates. -1000 points

Question 3: What do you drive?
a)      < 200 hp sedan, minivan or wagon. +100 points
b)      > 200 hp sedan. 0 points
c)      Sports Car. -100 points
d)      An expensive powerful sports car. -1000 points

Question 4: What statement would your lover most likely say after sex?
a)      I almost lost consciousness. +100 points
b)      Are you done yet? 0 points
c)      Oh, your done already? – 100 points
d)      I think the ceiling needs painting. – 1000 points

Bonus question: Stroke your face. What do you feel

a)      Smooth or slight stubble. +100 points
b)      Full Beard. Zero points
c)      A bushy unruly mustache covering your entire upper lip. -100 point
d)     Beard without a Mustache.  -1000 points

Here is the rating scale
500 – Super Man
400 – Extraordinary Man
300 – Ordinary Man
200 – Your a complete loser
< 100 – Get your hand out of your pants, learn how to cook, stop overcompensating, Think about baseball,  and It was a good look for Abe Lincoln and no one else?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let me show you how to make the face

There must be a reason this blog is named How to Make the Face.
Here I am sprinting toward the finish at the 2011 Race with Grace on Thanksgiving day.

Carrott Chopper and I participated in this race. It was my first 10K in several years.
I wish I had a copy of the finish line video, they showed it in the church after the race.
I am shown finishing then mouthing what appear to be swear words as I agonize in pain. I swear I was not however, swearing that is. I indeed was in a lot of pain. And thats how you make the face!