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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Transportation

I have a very cool vehicle which I use to get to and from work in the summer
Here are the specs

Chassis: Monocoque Carbon Fiber
Transmission: 20 speed manual with paddle shifters
Tires: Continental Race
MPG: Infinite

Top speed: 45 mph
Horsepower: Rider dependent

 Figured it out yet

The commutin Rig

Sunrise Over the Genesee River
Others may need a fancy BMW or Mercedes to get their arse to work in the morning but Portman prefers to use his quads...and he gets to experience the beautiful scenes as shown above.

Editorial retraction: Lil B does not like it when we mention the outline of his junk. will never mention the outline of his junk again.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

lil B runs on smoked butt

Editorial note: Since lil' B was inexplicably left out of the the last post. Again our apologies to lil' B. We will feature him in this post.
lil B running in Upstate New YorkPhoto Credit: Carrot Chopper
Lil B is prepping for his final collegiate cross country season. On Sunday he does a long run of 14 miles. It helps to have the gorgeous country side of Western New York to make the miles go by, He is usually accompanied on a bike by either his nutritionist Carrot Chopper or his personal chef RQ. Today's workout was fueled and recovered using the smoked pork butt prepped by Portman (see previous post). Lil B is shown wearing his compression shorts which are loved by everyone who enjoys seeing the exact outline of his junk.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Togther Smoking

***Editors update:Our sincere apologies to lil B' he was originally left out of the roll call at the end of the post. He was in attendance and his name has been rightly added to the list.

Its a Saturday in August and its time to smoke some butt.

...not that kind of smokin

...and not that kind of butt

We are talking Pork Butt. Dry rub plenty of chipotle seasoning salt pepper, ground cloves onto a bone in pork shoulder to get it ready for its 5 hour smoke in the Weber
Here is the Weber a' Smokin with Hickory Chips soaked in water placed directly on the coals.
Here is whats going on inside. Indirect heat for 5 hours. Keep the damper cracked to maintain 300 deg F. I had to add fresh hardwood lump charcoal once at the 3 hour mark. Are your eyes getting dry from the smoke!

The finished pulled pork ready for a butter toasted bun. This was enjoyed by P<;, the RQ, Buttery Sticks, Lil B', Carrot Chopper***, Mr ODR and Mrs Prozak***. Sides of fresh slaw and potato salad accompanied.
 ***Note: Carrot Chopper does not eat animal products so she smoked a Tempe instead. Mrs Prozak does not eat animal products or drink alcohol, except when she does, which was not this evening.